Intelligent Irrigation

We can help you upgrade, maintain and monitor your irrigation system using real-time information so you can save water, save money and earn a reputation for being environmentally responsible. Be smart.


Track your savings!

Never guess. Flow sensors work with the controller to allow for detailed analytics – helping you understand how much water is being used, and to track your savings over time.

Intelligent Optimization

Irrigate only when you need to!

A link to local weather stations allows your system to adjust based on current weather conditions – reducing your water usage by up to 50%.

Active Controllers

Detect rain!

No more watering in the rain. Your system will run exactly when it needs to.

Remote Intelligent Monitoring & Management

24/7 monitoring & optimizing!

Relax and never tinker with your system settings again! Your irrigation system is monitored in real time 24/7 and constantly adapts for optimal performance.

Master Valve control

Automatic leak detection and system shutoff!

No more phone calls in the middle of the night. Any anomalies and leaks will shut off the master valve and technicians will be dispatched to assess the problem and fix it. Fast.

Intelligent Irrigation Systems

Comprehensive System Audits

A comprehensive audit of your irrigation system will allow us to gather accurate data to show you how much water and money you could save.

Plan & Upgrade

Irrigation…but better. We specialize in planning, designing and upgrading to custom Intelligent Irrigation Systems.

Annual Maintenance Programs

Think ahead. All irrigation systems require ongoing maintenance to retain their effectiveness. And, with the ever rising cost of water, it’s a wise investment to keep your system operating efficiently with one of our annual maintenance plans.

System Repairs

A broken head or line leak? Let us the handle the repairs promptly. Our trained and certified technicians use only commercial-grade replacement parts. We guarantee our work – both parts and labour for a full year.

Don’t settle for a guy with a truck. Ecosense is a family-owned leader in Intelligent Irrigation and Water Conservation Services with over 35 years of experience serving condominiums – like yours – in the Greater Toronto Area.

Ready to save on irrigation?

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